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KillerBee – IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Security Research Toolkit

This is KillerBee - Framework and Tools for Attacking ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 networks.REQUIREMENTSKillerBee is developed and tested on Linux systems. OS X usage is possible but not supported.We have striven to use a minimum number of software dependencies, however, it is necessary to install the following Python modules before installation:serialusbcrypto (for some functions)pygtk (for use of tools that have GUIs)cairo (for use of tools that have GUIs)scapy (for some tools which utilize 802.15.4 Scapy extensions)On Ubuntu systems, you can install the needed dependencies…

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Trackerjacker – Like Nmap For Mapping Wifi Networks You’Re Not Connected To, Plus Device Tracking

Like nmap for mapping wifi networks you're not connected to. Maps and tracks wifi networks and devices through raw 802.11 monitoring.PyPI page: install trackerjackerSupported platforms: Linux (tested on Ubuntu, Kali, and RPi) and macOS (pre-alpha)trackerjacker can help with the following:I want to know all the nearby wifi networks and know all the devices connected to each network.I want to know who's hogging all the bandwidth.I want to run a command when this MAC address sends more than 100000 bytes in a 30 second…


RiskySPN – Detect And Abuse Risky SPNs

RiskySPNs is a collection of PowerShell scripts focused on detecting and abusing accounts associated with SPNs (Service Principal Name). This module can assist blue teams to identify potentially risky SPNs as well as red teams to escalate privileges by leveraging Kerberos and Active Directory.For detailed information: the moduleImport-Module .\RiskySPNs.psm1Or just load the script (you can also IEX from web). .\Find-PotentiallyCrackableAccounts.ps1Make sure Set-ExecutionPolicy is Unrestricted or BypassGet information about a function (very detailed :))Get-Help Get-TGSCipher -FullAll fucntions also have -Verbose modeSearch vulnerable SPNsFind vulnerable…

AirbashAircrack-ngKaliKali LinuxNEW TOOLSScanScriptsWPA – A POSIX-compliant, Fully Automated WPA PSK Handshake Capture Script Aimed At Penetration Testing

Airbash is a POSIX-compliant, fully automated WPA PSK handshake capture script aimed at penetration testing. It is compatible with Bash and Android Shell (tested on Kali Linux and Cyanogenmod 10.2) and uses aircrack-ng to scan for clients that are currently connected to access points (AP). Those clients are then deauthenticated in order to capture the handshake when attempting to reconnect to the AP. Verification of a captured handshake is done using aircrack-ng. If one or more handshakes are captured, they are entered into an…

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AggressorScripts – Collection Of Aggressor Scripts For Cobalt Strike 3.0+ Pulled From Multiple Sources

Collection of Aggressor scripts for Cobalt Strike 3.0+ pulled from multiple sources:All_In_One.cna v1 - Removed and outdated All purpose script to enhance the user's experience with cobaltstrike. Custom menu creation, Logging, Persistence, Enumeration, and 3rd party script integration.Version 2 is currently in development!ArtifactPayloadGenerator.cna Generates every type of Stageless/Staged Payload based off a HTTP/HTTPS Listener Creates /opt/cobaltstrike/Staged_Payloads, /opt/cobaltstrike/Stageless_Payloads AVQuery.cna Queries the Registry with powershell for all AV Installed on the target Quick and easy way to get the AV you are dealing with as an…